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DermaTx Advanced Skincare

Hello - my name is Andrea and I am the founder of DermaTx Advanced Skincare. I have a medical background (I was a dermatology nurse) but now concentrate my expertise in the skincare sector in which I have been involved for over 20 years.

I first came across 'cosmeceuticals' several years ago while working as clinic manager for an eminent cosmetic clinic and soon began to appreciate the enormous benefits of using cosmeceutical products by successfully treating many clients. Cosmeceuticals are professional skincare products which bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and these products contain optimal levels and strengths of active ingredients which have been scientifically proven to work for improving skin and treating skin conditions.

It became apparent that most High Street cosmetic products would be simply ineffective due to a lack of any active ingredients in appropriate concentrations. Most well-known High Street brands are also far more expensive than cosmeceutical brands largely due to the costs of their huge advertising budgets and not because their products are effective!
After being made redundant as clinic manager, I wanted to carry on educating people about the benefits of cosmeceutical products and to encourage their use as part of an effective skincare regime having seen their efficacy first hand in the treatment of many skin concerns. I made it my personal mission to do so.

After my 2 boys were born, I began to appreciate how difficult it is for most people to find the time to look after their skin due to work, children, social life, etc. An effective skincare regime is important to maintain optimal skin health and so I was inspired to create DermaTx Advanced Skincare, a brand whose aim is to create essential but efficacious skincare products and procedures for maximum benefit.

I hope you enjoy our DermaTx Advanced Skincare products and that they truly help in obtaining, maintaining and enhancing healthy, radiant skin.

Andrea x

DermaTx: Company Overview

Efficacious solutions for healthy, radiant skin.

DermaTx Advanced Skincare was established to create skin care products providing clinical results for home and professional use using only the very best active ingredients and proven skin care techniques.

Our initial range of high performance microdermabrasion creams has been developed to deliver maximum results, and contains premium cosmeceutical ingredients of optimal clinical strength that have been proven to work at the cellular level under strict scientific conditions.

The award-winning range was specifically designed by dermatology experts to target different skin types and concerns. 

DermaTx Microdermabrasion utilises a unique combination of physical, chemical and mechanical actions to deliver visible results in minutes and can be used by anybody to experience the benefits of professional microdermabrasion and achieve professional results easily.

Our products can address visible signs of ageing, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, and many more concerns. 

Instant, visible results for a healthy and radiant complexion can be achieved with safe and non-invasive procedures - no waiting, downtime or overnight treatments.

The ingredients used in DermaTx products are naturally derived and of the highest quality. Our high performance formulations are of clinical strength (unlike most High Street products) and designed to revitalise, nourish and protect so that real, positive results can be achieved.

Detailed information on all active ingredients or technology used is included so anyone can easily understand the science behind the products.

All DermaTx creams have been developed and manufactured in the UK and have undergone strict and thorough testing as required by UK and EU regulations.



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